Monday, November 16, 2009

Can of worms

I should have seen this coming before I even posted yesterday.  I'm obviously slipping.  After literally thousands and thousands of emails, here is the answer to the questions you've all been asking:


cadiz12 said...

i'm going to need to see this peach-colored buttondown. but i have no doubt that you can rock it.

Syar said...

So as a ninja, you just drool onto your elbow? I think I know where you got Leaky Elbow Syndrome from before. I think you suffer from Sporadic Ninja Narcolepsy. Trust me, I'm a doctor (even if I don't have the fancy side by side visual comparisons to prove it).

Cofo said...

So do you break out the eyebrows specifically for your metrosexual zombie occasions?

Madelyn said...

wow, even your zombies have three different identities?

omar said...

Wait, where's the mullet?

Jon said...

Cadiz: Uh... ok.

Syar: Who knows where the drool goes! Ninja's have secrets we can't even begin to understand.

I'm going to need a fancy side by side in order to really grasp what you're saying.

Cofo: Metrosexual zombies get their eyebrows done while they're getting their manicures. I don't fully understand it.

Madelyn: I'm a very complex individual.

Omar: Oh, it's there... but it's in hiding... waiting to attack when you least expect it.