Tuesday, January 04, 2011

This happens all the time...

I often take pictures with the intention of posting them so that everyone can enjoy my humorous and quirky slant on life. The sad truth is that I only post 1 out if every 7 pictures I take that I intend to post. (a super smart algorithm was used to calculate this highly accurate picture/post ratio) Why the disparity? Probably a lot of laziness, but also because I feel like the moment has passed. My question to you now is, Has the moment passed? I was going to post this a few days ago with the title, "When Pancakes Attack."

Is this still funny? Was it ever funny? Am I over thinking things? Should I just learn to stop worrying and love the bomb? Let me know.

-- Post From My iPhone 4. And yes, This probably should have been a poll and not a post.