Monday, November 30, 2009


I got a haircut today.  Perhaps I was influenced by my recent viewing of "I Love You Man" (seriously, what was up with the haircuts in that cinematic endeavor?) or perhaps I just got sick of thinking about whether or not I should start using a comb.  The truth, like so many used q-tips, may never be found.  And probably nobody wants to find it either.  Aside from the usual trail of tiny little hairs that follows me around for the rest of the day, I should point out that cutting my hair is no easy task.  Allow me, if you will, to draw a picture to show you what I mean:

I can't make it any more clear than that.

Of course, I'd also like to give a shout out to those other bloggers that have helped make sure I get at least 2 to three hits per day and keep me entertained in the comments.  Thank you Cadiz, Madelyn, Syar and Cofo!  It's much more fun when you've got company!

Now I think I've earned a nap.

*this is a word I think I made up that I've been saying in my head all month, but never out loud.  I'm thinking of making it my new catch phrase.  I'm also pretty sure it won't catch on.  It's a descriptive term that could probably be attached to all of my November posts.  I think you know what it means...


Syar said...

I'm trying out your new catchphrase and I have a conundrum. I keep trying to say Yikesopo-tame-us and end up saying yikesopo-tah-mus. I don't even know which one is correct! Hopefully someone can tell me what the right way is.

On another note, good job finishing NaBloPoMo! I have very much enjoyed your blogging (as I always have) and your illustrations (a nice new development I'd like to see more of). Yay us!

Madelyn said...

Yikesopotamus that's a nice hair cut!

I will be saying this word as much as possible to get the entire west coast in on it.

Yea for the end of NaBloPoMo!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on finishing the month-long display of exquisite art!

I see we have similarly shaped heads. It's why I can never get my hair shorter than a certain length.

Also, rest assured I'm doing my part for the Yikesopotamus campaign.

Jon said...

Syar: I pronounce it Yikes-oh-pot-uh-muss.

Madelyn: I look forward to the greetings in January!

Cofo: Thanks! I'll probably take my art on a tour of the country. I think it's what the country wants.