Monday, March 31, 2008


Dear Diary,

It's been awhile, but there are a few things I'd like to get off my chest...

I'm closing in on day 15 without any of my stuff. I was told by the shipping company that it would take about 4 days to ship all of my stuff across the country to my new residence here in Chicago. I dropped it off a full week before my flight out so that it would all be here when I arrived. After a few mixups, it was supposed to go out a days before my flight. No big deal I thought, I can go a few days without my stuff. The day before it was supposed to arrive, I called to get a tracking number. I'm not going to lie to you diary, I was really excited to get my stuff. I have a Wii now... oh, I didn't tell you? Yeah, I have a Wii.

Anyway, I'm really into Guitar Hero these days, but I wanted to consolidate my stuff, so I sold my PS2, then bought GH for the Wii. Yeah, I lost my whole career and all my accomplishments because they were done on the PS2, but that was ok because it was just another excuse to play the game a lot. Also, I'm trying to get my girlfriend addicted so that we can both spend nearly every free moment playing that wonderful game.

When I called to get the tracking number, I was informed by the shipping company that my stuff hadn't even left the building yet! I was pretty upset... mostly because I miss the Wii. But I also have my computers and some other cool stuff that I like a lot. I mean, I really like my stuff. That's why I paid a crap load of money to have it shipped here!

After a series of phone calls, my stuff was supposedly shipped. A day later, the receiving company here in Chicago called me to schedule an appointment to drop off my stuff. I got excited again. They said they would bring it on Monday, March 31st between 10am and 3pm. That was a pretty big window, but hey, it's my stuff and I want. Pretty bad really.

This is why I'm writing to you now diary. I sat there and waited all day... Nothing. They didn't call. I called them and left several messages. No reply. I miss my stuff!! I miss my Wii... I'm really starting to miss my computer. My laptop here doesn't even have spider solitaire!!

Sometimes, I just can't help but wonder, what if I had just bought a Big Red Wagon and just pulled my stuff here... It would have been faster and a lot cheaper.

OK diary, I know you're pretty busy these days, so I'll let you go now. Thanks for letting me vent. Maybe when this is all over, you and I will laugh about it, but right now, I just want to knock out a few rounds on Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2008 and then gold star a song or two on medium, but I can't. Later...