Saturday, November 21, 2009

I've been out of the game for too long

I don't often buy greeting cards.  I should, I just don't.  It's a character flaw and I'm working on it.  Today, the fiancée and I were at one of those mega party stores, looking around at all the stuff we would buy if we were millionaires that enjoyed throwing extravagant parties with cheap plastic decorations.  That's not why we were there, but that's what we were doing.  When we finished with that, we moved on to the business at hand.  She needed to buy some thank-you cards for some important people.  We were looking around for just the right card.  We didn't find it, but what we did find was a little disturbing.  I was not aware that Thanksgiving was a card holiday.  That's not what disturbed me the most though, it was the specificity of the cards.  Check out these:

I think that last one is just lazy, but maybe that's just me.


cadiz12 said...

this is exactly why we came out of that store without any cards (but plenty of candy!) and i decided to make them myself.

Syar said...

So these come in pack of threes huh? I'm going to need 10 packs. I'll wire you the money. It's like the makers of these cards are psychics!!

Madelyn said...

You think these are weird. I was in Target today and they have cards for NaBloPoMo. i would have bought some, but I prefer to make my own cards.