Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The show went on...

but some people's lives might not.  I can't tell you exactly what happened due to a pending lawsuit*, but this evenings performance of The Addams Family had a third act.

I'll let this do the talking for me:

*Nothing happened.  Nothing at all.  Something should have happened, but I guess I'm just not that kind of guy. And by that kind of guy, I mean the kind of guy that commits mukduk.


cadiz12 said...

MUKDUK to loud pretzel chompers!

nathan lane was FABULOUS, but bebe neuwirth's vocal vibrato was a little disturbing. also, the sets are AWESOME for this show.

Madelyn said...

Nathan Lane? Bebe Neuwirth? Very cool.

Really loud pretzel chompers. Not cool at all.

Syar said...

No offense to Cadiz (and some offense to your drawing skillz I guess, Jon) but at first I thought that stick figure representation of Cadiz was bearded.

Obviously this does not reflect on the original, who is the bestest.

PS: I heart Nathan Lane.
PPS: Death to loud pretzel chompers! Have some respect!

Jon said...

Cadiz: Show was good, but you're right about Bebe.

Madelyn: you nailed it.

Syar: None taken. The non-bearded one herself thought I had given her a beard as well. I explained that it was just her long hair. Maybe I need to take a long hair drawing on stick figures class or something. I won't, but I probably should.

Cofo said...

I must say, with your glasses and beard, my first impression was that you look very scholarly.

I think you should have sued both the pretzel chompers and the weirdly sitting non-child woman. Because that's just weird.