Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Amanda was right... (she's my sister by the way)

I knew I'd be happy, but this... I just never saw it coming.


Syar said...

Can I just say your renditions of faces must be getting better because stick figure you looks positively delightful! So happy! But that's probably just the vacuum.

Madelyn said...

I didn't realize you've started styling your hair in the trendy "bed head" style that seems to be so popular with celebrities . . . for example, Joel McHale.

Also, that vacuum is pretty sweet.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Be glad yours doesn't talk back, those things can be so abusive when they do talk back.

cadiz12 said...

his hair is nicer than that.


cadiz12 said...

my word verification is "murgi," which means chicken. which is a relative to the turkey. which is the bird we're attempting to cook today.

omar said...

Have you seen the Dyson fans? I could never justify spending that much for a fan, but I really really want one.

Cofo said...

Good god. It must be REALLY awesome to warrant a drawing that good. Look at the detail!

Jon said...

Syar: I attribute it to dumb luck.

Madelyn: That vacuum is the bees knees. Usually I go with the much less trendy "hat head," but it was a special occasion.

Guyana-Gyal: I'm prepared to handle a little sass from a talking vacuum if it continues to clean this well.

Cadiz: Awe shucks! thanks!

Omar: I've seen them. I'm undecided. I heard they're a lot louder than you'd think they should be. I'm also a huge fan of their air-blades for use in public restrooms. Unless those restrooms have doors that you have to pull open to leave. Then I'm not happy at all.

Cofo: Most people consider me an intense artist. Just saying.