Saturday, November 14, 2009

The process

What I should have been doing:

What I am doing:


cadiz12 said...

you amaze me, too! that is EXACTLY what that desk looks like!

though i'm worried about the safety of those chairs; you lean back on them way too often.

Syar said...

You could at least share the link to this video, to make up for your mullet.

Madelyn said...

It is indeed, a very good drawing of the desk.

omar said...

I've never seen the desk, so I'll take everyone's word on that.

I do have concerns though, about how precariously balanced you are while eating PB&J. At least you're not wearing your slippers while doing it.

cadiz12 said...

oh it's precarious, i can vouch for that.

Jon said...

Cadiz: I'm pretty sure the chairs were designed to be used like this. No worries.

Syar: Full disclosure: I wasn't actually watching a video like that. I only wish that I was. I was actually watching videos on the UCBComedy website. They are terrible. I can't recommend them.

Madelyn: Thank you!

Omar: I currently hold the house record for consecutive hours balancing in the chair while eating PB&J. So I hope that helps sooth your concerns.

Cadiz: It's precariously impressive is what it is!

Anonymous said...

Since you're an authorized Shuck n Jive representative, do you think you could give me the go ahead on attempting to be that cool? I mean, I have a mullet and everything!

Jon said...

Cofo: Eh... sure, why not?

Anonymous said...


I'll let you know how it goes.