Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Living the dream

Have you ever had one of those days where you get into work early, work through lunch, stay late and drive home completely exhausted? Then you take a look back on the day and think, “Wow, I really made a difference today. I’m tired as hell, but I DID something today!”

Yeah, me neither.

I’m not saying that I’m happy I get Thursday off, I’m saying that I’m ecstatic! However, there is a slight damper being put on the elation of Thursday’s not working, and it is a direct result of the slight whistling noise that is currently being emitted from my left nostril. I can’t seem to stop it.

I’ve tried everything. Ok, not everything. Everything is a lot of things, and I’m not bold enough to try and convince anyone out there that I have exhausted every feasible solution to extracting the whistling sound from my left nostril. But suffice to say, I’ve tried a number of things other than just ignoring it.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned this, but nose whistling is one of my least favorite abnormal bodily functions. Believe me, I’ve got a huge list of favorites in that department, and this is very, very low on that list. I’m not even sure how it made the list. I’m really surprised it hasn’t been moved over to my most hated abnormal bodily functions list. Honestly, it would really be a good career move for nose whistling. It would soar up the charts on that list. But I see the origination date on this list is March 12, 1985. I was a very na├»ve seven year old at the time. I probably had no idea how annoying some sounds were back then. I know that in 1997, during a major reconstruction period in my body’s government, a lot of big changes were made, but the nose whistling probably got grandfathered into the new list. It’s overall ranking suffered greatly though.

I’m not even sure what my point is in all of this. I’m almost 100% certain it had something to do with not wanting to have a post that was only a few sentences long, but I’m way too tired to bet on that. I think it would be in everyone’s best interest if I just went to bed right now. Until next time…


Radioactive Jam said...

Are you still using your nose to type on your keyboard?

cadiz12 said...

hey, my nose is sort of whistling too! mostly because it's stuffed up, but still.