Friday, November 17, 2006

Going out tonight

In my never ending quest to make people jealous of me, I am now informing you that I will be attending the Brian Regan show this evening at the Grove in Anaheim. This will be my second Regan show this year. I am slipping. Last year I attended 4 shows. If you haven’t already guessed it and are still struggling, I’ll put you at ease and confirm that I am indeed a fan.

The term “fan” gets thrown out there a lot in a very casual sense and I’m not too fond of that. The term comes from shortening the word Fanatic. And when you say fanatic, it’s very much implied that you enjoy whatever it is you are fanatical about a great deal. This is how I apply the term “fan” to myself. I am a fan in every sense of the word. No oxymoron “casual fan” terms apply to me. When I am a fan, I am a fan.

Will I wear my Brian Regan T-shirt, complete with matching pants and socks? Will I show up hours early with the hope that I might get an autograph? Will I stand in the audience and recite all of his jokes in unison while he performs? After the show, will I have I <3 Brian Regan tattooed on the small of my back? Will I pretend that I am Brian Regan for the rest of the night and refuse to talk to anyone that doesn’t address me as such? I’m not going to answer any of these questions because I feel that’s a bit too personal. But should anyone else reading this happen to be at the show tonight, they and they alone will know the answers to these questions.


Radioactive Jam said...

Even the part about the tattoo?

omar said...

Hm. Never heard of him.

But just for giggles, I'm going to get an "I <3 Brian Regan" tattoo myself.

cadiz12 said...

hey brian-- if i may address you as such-- how was the show?

Radioactive Jam said...

I'll bet a dollar Jon got the tattoo, but it's messed up and reads:
I <3 Brain Reggae