Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I’m annoyed.

I think that not having television, when you are used to having television, is one of the more annoying things that can happen to you. But there is worse. Not having a broad band connection at home when you are used to having one is borderline cruel and unusual punishment. I first noticed it was down last night. That made yesterday’s post almost a no go. Were it not for my wonderful and loving girlfriend, who dealt with my pain in the butt antics while verbally dictating the post verbatim and to my exact specifications over the phone, I wouldn’t have been able to post at all.

I’m now on day two without the internet. This can make even the strongest man cry. Today I have an out though. My parents are coming home from their three week tour of Germany (yes, they were glob trotting for three weeks while I cleaned up cat vomit.) and with them they bring back my new lappy. Well, it’s not a new laptop, but right before the trip I fixed it so they could take it with them. I bought it on the cheap because of the cracked screen it had. Had the previous owner taken it in to get it fixed, they probably could have bought a new one for the same price. But since I’m not afraid to open up a laptop and possibly inflict tremendous amounts of damage, or possibly fix it, I wound up with a speedy laptop of the low cost variety. I’m typing this post on my desktop, but once the laptop is here, I can move it over, head out in the car and hit up one of the local cafés with free wifi and post this sucker… or not. We’ll know for sure by midnight tonight, Pacific Standard Time. Plus, there’s always my amazing girlfriend. If I go that rout, expect to see even more flowery prose about her greatness/awesomeness as she now has complete control over my blog.


cadiz12 said...

ooh, so your gf can hack in and write whatever she wants about you?

speedy laptops of the low cost variety are the best kind.

Anonymous said...

So if the color scheme goes from orange to say, pink...? Hmm. Yes, a small price to pay. You're a fortunate man, Jon. With or without broadband connection.

But then you know this I am sure.

jazz said...

um, i see no evidence of girlfriend hackery.

i'm very disappointed in girlfriend.

omar said...


Jon, sorry about the internet situation. I have a couple of fallback plans here. 1) One of my neighbors has an unsecured wireless network; and 2) if I get REALLY desperate, my work offers free dialup service.

Hi Jon's girlfriend!