Friday, November 30, 2007

It's ok, I'm not even reading this anymore either.

It’s not that I’m against smoking in restaurants; I’m just against being around smoke while I’m in a restaurant.

I am not a fan of smoke, there’s no question about that. I do understand not wanting to be told what to do. I do understand wanting to have a choice. But what I don’t understand is why the choice of non-smokers doesn’t matter? When you light up in my presence, my choice not to smoke is completely invalidated. It hurts my feelings.

If we’re going to have smoking sections in restaurants, then they need to be better separated. I’m from California, where all indoor smoking is banned. I’m spoiled over there and I know it. Right now, I’m visiting an area of the country where such bans do not yet exist. Their idea of smoking sections = this table isn’t, the table right next to it is. That means that pretty much the whole restaurant is a smoking restaurant.

Why not give them there own separate room with a nice air dam to seal in the smoke? I would support that. Why give me a headache and take away my ability to taste food? Am I really asking too much?

Also, could I possibly have a better topic for tomorrow’s post? That might be asking too much.


Anonymous said...

"Smoking sections" are a joke.

The title of your post: Not true. There are a couple of us who lurk around your blog...but don't comment because we are shy.
And probably lame too.

cadiz12 said...

i saw this comedian David Crowe do a great bit about smoking, but changed it to drinking--he was taking sips and then sputtering his mouthful out into the air. then he was like, "oh, am i bothering you?" and then held his glass far away from his body and kept sputtering out the water all over the place. (i'm not doing it justice; it's a video on his website.)

i don't mind people who smoke, just not blowing smoke in my face. especially when i'm trying to eat.