Friday, November 02, 2007

The Truth

Were you prepared for 30 straight days of pumpkin posts? Too bad, that’s your mistake.

I mentioned yesterday that I had carved two pumpkins, of which the more impressive of the two was stolen. I’m still pretty upset about it, but I thought I’d put it all into perspective for you. The pumpkin below is the one I consider to be the less impressive of the two.

Initially, looking at it, you might think it is reasonably impressive in its own way. I won’t argue with you. But you might be thinking that as compared to the other, stolen pumpkin, it’s not that much less impressive. Again, I won’t argue with you on your initial assumptions as I believe they are reasonable. But here’s what you should know. The stolen pumpkin was more impressive because I say so. The magnitude of all that should hit you even harder when you see this next photo.

As we all know, the dollar bill is the universal measuring tool inside photographs. I assure you, this is not a giant sized dollar bill. And I think after seeing this picture, I can also assure you that I am amazing. Now think about how much more impressive that stolen pumpkin must have been. It staggers the mind.


cadiz12 said...

i've gotta say i'm impressed. and because i know how much you like to top yourself, i'm looking forward to your carving on the head of a pin next year.

Radioactive Jam said...

That's no small feat. If you still have some, could you send me a few of its tiny little seeds?

omar said...

My thought process when reading this post:

Meh, that's an aaiight pumpkin. The hole on the top is way too big, though.

Wow, that's a giant dollar bill. Those are some pretty wide floor boards, too.

Oh wait, he said it's not a giant sized dollar bill. That's a pretty small pumpkin.

Wait, how the hell did he carve that into that small pumpkin?