Saturday, December 01, 2007

Saving the best for last...

Well, here we are at the end of another NaBloPoMo. I think we learned a little bit less this time around than we did last year. I’m currently flying back to Los Angeles. (and yes, I typed out Los Angeles instead of abbreviating it to L.A. because I’m really trying to finish strong with a nice high word count.) Tomorrow will be December 1st, and I will no longer be required to post each and every day. I’m sure this will be a welcome change back to the way things should be for my readers.

This year, I think we learned that just because I post every day doesn’t mean that I’m getting any better. We learned that I’m not a fan of smoking and that if I ever grace the restaurant industry with my presence, I’ll be 100% logical in the naming of my fine eating establishment. We learned that the more I post, the less people comment. You learned that I have lurkers. I say you because I already knew, but I won’t pretend like the lack of comments isn’t a huge blow to my ego.

Right now, I’m learning that typing on a plane is either really good exercise for my weak, dainty wrists, or it’s one of the most uncomfortable ways a person could ever hope to get any work done. Also, Minesweeper without a mouse is one of the least entertaining games my laptop comes preloaded with.

Unlike some of my previous posts this month, this one isn’t going to make any sense at all. Which is why I’m proud to announce that while I was away, I was bequeathed an old computer. When I say old, I don’t mean mid 80’s, I mean it’s probably 4 or 5 years old. It is the ideal candidate for a Myth box, and since I won’t be spending any money on it, so much the better.

Ok, hope you enjoyed this edition of the Shuck N Jive. I’ll be around again soon I’m sure. I’m posting this from my car since I don’t think I’ll make it home in time. Please ignore not just the inconsistencies on this post, but all of them. Thanks!!


omar said...

Writing on the plane? Posting from the car? That's dedication.

Congrats on making it the whole month, Jon. Especially while traveling. I'm glad I didn't bet against you this year, like I did last year.

Radioactive Jam said...

I totally suck at keeping up with blogs. You are a victim of my inability to properly manage my time, and I apologize.

If you want reparations, have your lawyer contact my lawyer. They'll do lunch.

Congratulations on handling yet another NaBloPoMo challenge, and making it look easy in the process.

cadiz12 said...

i knew you could do it, jon.

so when can we expect the next post? 2008?

Lia said...

Congrats on making it. It seems silly that the one month when there's all this quality posting, no one has any time to read it. But that makes it even more impressive that you made it through.

cadiz12 said...

i see we are back to our old shuck n jive ways, eh?

Jon said...

If by old, you mean totally awesome, then yes.