Monday, May 02, 2005

It wasn't broken, but I decided to fix it anyway.

So I decided to mess with my template a little. You know, to kind of junk it up a bit. Make it less visually appealing, kind of like me. I don’t mean to sound to cocky, but I think I did a spectacular job.


jazz said...

i like orange.

cadiz12 said...

the orange is fitting. didn't you say that most days that's what you wear?

Jon said...

Yeah, it's also my favorite of all the colors. My problem isn't with color, it's with the way it's layed out. I only messed with it for a little bit, so I missed some spots where I would prefer the orange to be too. It needs more orange, that's all I'm trying to say.

Jack Safety said...

I've messed with my template, but never kept the color changes. I have not the balls.
You could also make it wider, that would upset those who still surf in 800x600. I, being the elitest geek that I am, feel they deserve every bit of aggitation they can get.

cadiz12 said...

sadly, some of us dungeonites don't have a choice, jacksafety.

i'm afraid to crack open that mess-with-the-template can. besides, i just love my greeny-green greenness.

but it's tempting.

Jon said...

Well, the orange really is me. I'll probably mess with some other stuff too. I like things to be busy, so I'll probably throw a few more random quotes in random places. I don't see myself going the way of the elitest though... I have to show a lot of people here at work how to resize their windows and it brings me great sorrow. I often just sit at my desk and cry.