Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What am I going to do tonight?

The same thing I do every night, try to draw a picture.
Congratulations to Madelyn, Cadiz, Syar and Cofo on completing another NaBloPoMo!  I feel like a marathon runner after completing, well, a marathon.  You know, if I stopped to walk half the time, maybe ran inside a convenience store or two for some beef jerky along the way and stole some little kids bike to finish the last 2/3rd's of it.

High Fives all around!!!


Anonymous said...

mole hole. So dumb. I doubt the tree is up. Mom gets behind without 4 kids begging her to drag out all the holiday decor. Also, I'm a little sad that November is over - only because you'll probably go back to your regular posting schedule.

cadiz12 said...

i'm going to try posting more often. WHO'S WITH ME!!!!?

Syar said...

I'm going to try stealing more bikes from children. WHO'S WITH ME?! (apologies to Cadiz and her good intentions)

Anonymous said...

I don't feel bad... it's not like those little kids needed those bikes more than us. They probably couldn't even dig a decent mole-hole.

Madelyn said...

What house did you grow up in?

Everyone at my place of work calls me Muller with a long sounding U, and not just when they say my first name followed by my last, they mostly just call me by my last name . . . only mispronounced. Unless they're calling me the other name I asked them not to call me. It's my own fault really, as I never corrected any of them because I gave up correcting people long ago.

Bonus points for the longest comment so far!

cadiz12 said...

try having an apostrophe in your name. that really freaks people out.