Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cop Out #1

Ok, that title is certainly debatable. Almost as debatable as this picture:

-- Post From My iPhone 4 originally.


Jillien said...

you really do have one of the funniest blogs I've ever visited.


Post Script: Its hard to debate that creamy and rich illustration on the package, I must say.

Madelyn said...

if you make pudding, and then mix it with cool whip, it's extremely delicious. Trust me on this one.

Syar said...

The fact that I'm not entirely sure what that picture is of (whipped topping = whipped cream in a tub?) is making me feel like I am missing out on some American yum right now.

omar said...

"*Among consumers with a preference"

That might be the best qualifying statement I've ever seen. No, it IS the best. It's not debatable.

I also like that it's the "Original," but it now has these new richer and creamier qualities? It's the new original? Really, Kraft?

I'd send a scathing letter to them if only Cool Whip wasn't so good on pie.

Jon said...

Jillien: Thank you! And welcome!

You must be one of those consumers with a preference...

Madelyn: I believe you. I never thought I'd like cool whip so much on pumpkin pie, but there it is, the cold, hard truth. I like cool whip on pumpkin pie.

Syar: Am I to believe that they do not have cool whip in Australia? Now I'm not sure if I want to visit...

Omar: They interviewed over 15 million people about the Richer, Creamier Original Cool Whip and only 3 of them had a preference. 14,999,997 were totally non-committal.

I'm really not sure how this can be Original and yet still be Richer and Creamier. Best qualifier ever, no contest.

cadiz12 said...

what omar said.