Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The reports of my headache have been greatly exaggerated.

Have I had a continuous headache for four days now?  Maybe.  Three days for sure, but I don't know about today.  It's really not that bad.  It's so mild in fact, that I keep forgetting that I have it, then I stop whatever it is that I'm doing and I feel it again.  It's like when you have a paper cut on your pinky finger and you keep forgetting about it, but then you do something normal without thinking about it and it hits you again.  Yeah, it's annoying, but it isn't ruining your speeches to the tax fraud commission.

Also, I know what's causing the headache, and it isn't really a big concern.  Observe:
It isn't what you think.  The bird isn't pecking at my head.  He just has a bit of a death grip on my head with his bird feet.  They are unusually large and alarmingly strong.  His name is Sunrise (his parents were hippies) and he mostly just hangs out up there.  Showers are a little complicated when it comes time to shampoo, but we have a deal.  I take a shower and shampoo my hair and he stays put and gets in the way.  He's a very savvy negotiator. I got railroaded in the contract.  Did you know I have to do his laundry (fluff, fold and iron) and comb his feathers?  No wonder he won't leave.


Syar said...

Can you at least harvest (harvest?) his feathers to make a soft small pillow to rest your headachy head on?

Anonymous said...

Is his grip strong enough to lift you into the air when he flies? If so, I think the headache is worth it.

Madelyn said...

watch out for bird mites, they're disgusting.

My verification word is tylessel - like tylenol, but for lesser headaches.

cadiz12 said...

it's so weird that the man that never gets a headache now has a bird in residence for four days.