Wednesday, November 03, 2010

I got troubles

Ultimately, I am responsible for what happens in this life, but there are some things that don't make it easy.  Here is a chart of some of those things and their relative impact.

Do you understand what it means to be on the "Can't Cut" list?  Look it up.  I need a good cry.


Syar said...

Vampire Dragon Wolves is the name of my new band.

Also, your gnome problem looks really worrying. You should look into getting it fixed. Maybe feed them to the vampire dragon wolves.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't read this blog post to my dog! Damn.

cadiz12 said...

football in large doses, fantasy or otherwise, makes my head hurt. bring on the weebles!

Jon said...

Syar: Just make sure I get credit when you go platinum.

As my father would say, gnomes is gnomes. Ain't gonna change that for all the spiced bologna in the world.

Anonymous: I have it on good authority that Matt Birk loves this blog!

Cadiz: It's all about building up a tolerance. I also hear that two cups of Gatorade really help.