Thursday, January 07, 2010

Blame Syar

While reading Syar's blog the other day, I learned about a project where you take at least one photo every day and post it somewhere. My contract with the Shuck N Jive prohibits me from posting this kind of activity anywhere else. Go figure. So now you may be subjected to as many as two posts a day here at the SNJ. Sucks for you.

I'm making up my own personal rules though, so here's what you have to deal with:
1. Post one picture per day for 365 straight days.
2. Said picture must be taken on the day it is posted.
3. Said picture must also be taken with my iPhone and subsequently posted using the same app I'm currently using to post this right now.
4. No description is required, but you know me.
5. All daily photos will receive only one tag, and that will be POTD ( Picture Of The Day).

That is all. So let us begin with something fairly bland.

This is the view out our window this morning. The snow was actually floating up past the window due to the updraft. My friends E & S know what I'm talking about from our trip to the Hoover Dam a few years ago. That was rain, but you catch my drift. Get it? Drift? Whatever.

-- Posted From My iPhone because that's the damn rule!


Anonymous said...

So is the river like, frozen now?

Lia said...

Before I read that this was the view out your window, I thought it might be an interesting angle on a bathroom - see the sink and tiles?

Syar said...

I'm really glad you have embarked on this project but for serious, ya'll need to start taking responsibility for your own actions! I feel like I have read "Blame Syar" in some form or variation on blogs literally tens of times.

Madelyn said...

i have a feeling most of these pictures are going to be the inside of the pedway.

cadiz12 said...

i too, have seen "blame syar" many times. or was it that i wrote it many times? either way, syar, you're something of a guru.

i am very excited about the POTD!

and yes, the river freezes, then huge ice slabs float around in it after boats come through and bust it up. it's actually pretty cool to see, but hella cold right there on the bridge.