Tuesday, January 05, 2010

A moment of silence please

It's cold here, so at night I like to wear pajamas.  Truthfully, I like to wear pajamas during the day time as well, but I've been told in no uncertain terms that failure to wear more appropriate attire around the office will result in my immediate termination.  I went to put on my trusty Scooby Doo pajamas the other day only to find that the elastic has given up in a most unfortunate area: The waistband.  They were very comfy.  They had pockets.  I love having pockets on my pajama pants.  Where else am I going to keep my mixed tapes?!?  These pajamas will be missed.  I don't want to give up on them, but I can't afford another mishap like this:

It's just too much of a tripping hazard.


Madelyn said...

I am very sorry for your loss. Perhaps while you are in CA you could put mom to work and have her install a new waistband.

Syar said...

Oh man, I just had this very dilemma today! Except mine were with an old pair of shiny black track pants, which are less of a loss. Something that does happen to all my nice patterned pajama bottoms though is that I put them in the dryer (the fluffy fake fleece kind) like a forgetful person who is not very bright and then they start shrinking up and becoming 3/4 pajamas. SO annoying.

But yes, waistband. Surely science has come up with a solution for this!

Anonymous said...

I love pajama pants. I wore pjs to cook Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. And I changed out of my pjs to put on sweats.

cadiz12 said...

if only your fiancee had some thread, a needle and bundles and bundles of brand-new elastic at her disposal. perhaps then scooby doo could live to snowboard again!