Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Notice anything different?

I lost 35 lbs. today. It's mostly evident in my head where my ears seem to have grown, but really I lost a lot of weight. Most of that weight was water weight and it left my body through the pores in my face. If you saw today's picture post, then you know what I've been working on. In order to accomplish that task, I spent a fair amount of time in the attic. If there's a better way to stay mostly motionless and still sweat out a small toddler's worth of water, I'd like to know about it so that I can avoid that too. This is when that beautiful 70 degrees outside becomes the enemy. But I think the final product was worth it.

-- Posted From My iPhone, which was spared from the attic adventure.


Anonymous said...

The wall and projector screen look great! Maybe you could come to my house and do some construction too!

Jon said...

Anonymous: I am open for business. Please forward me your payment and I will be over promptly.