Saturday, January 02, 2010

Liars, every single one of them.

Supposedly, we're setting some sort of wind chill records around these parts.  Excuse me if I don't show any pride about this fact.


omar said...

For a second, I thought the beefy muscular layer was outside of the skin. Phew.

According to, you guys have it worse than us right now (-11 windchill vs -7). I'll stop complaining, then. I might complain again in the morning though, depending on how much snow we get. I'm starting to think that there's not so much "great" about these Great Lakes.

Anonymous said...

The hat looks great!

Madelyn said...

still better than being hot . . . I think anyway.

Anonymous said...

I haven't left my house for three days because of the cold. I'm starting to get cabin fever.

Jon said...

Omar: I try to keep the beefy muscles on the inside at all times.

The snow here hasn't been so bad, so I can't complain there. Especially here in the city. Out in the 'burbs, it's significant, but not here. The Great Lakes probably stole that name before they had requirements to back up lofty claims.

Anonymous: Thanks! I got it from my sister Madelyn awhile back.

Madelyn: Speak of the devil! I was just telling anonymous about how you gave me that hat! What are the odds?!!? Anyway, when I'm cold, I want to be hot and when I'm hot I want to be cold. I'm difficult.

Anonymous: Wait until the fever peaks, then run outside and start a snowball fight... assuming the cold has also brought a lot of snow, otherwise, improvise with tennis balls or something. Nothing too hard, you don't want to hurt anyone.

cadiz12 said...

at least when it's cold you can put on more clothes. like snuggly socks!