Sunday, December 27, 2009


You might not know this, but I've been at war.  Things got ugly.  It was trench warfare at it's worst.  (I may have had to bring down an entire cellular network covering 2 square miles, allowing only emergency calls (the irony of which was claimed by the fact that those 2 square miles encompassed the campus of a hospital*))  But today, I claimed victory.  I have brought another member into the iPhone family!  This is how I celebrated:

Actually, I didn't really have to do that much.  When we walked into the store and we found out that there would be a 20% discount on our monthly plan because of where my Fiancée works and moving to a family plan in her name would save us $30/ month, plus give her a shinny new iPhone 3GS, the deal pretty much sold itself.  I had to lay a tremendous amount of groundwork of course.  Painfully searching out apps and games that I knew would appeal to her and letting her "discover" them on my iPhone.  But it has all been worth it.

There were casualties of course.  I had to sacrifice my old phone number.  I'm currently trying to find out if there's a way to easily send a mass text message to everyone in my contacts list, or should I just not let anyone know?  I'll sleep on it.  But if you never hear from me again, laziness is probably the reason why.

*This isn't true, but I like to pretend it is.


omar said...

You're right, it is quite difficult to capture a still image of a fist pump. Occasionally in my house, me or the wife will break out into a Dr. Benton fist pump, from the original intro to the show ER. but sometimes she'd miss the beginning and just see me crouched on one knee with one arm extended, and would have to do a double take to determine what I was doing.

Nice job on the money-saving! And now one of you will always have a compass handy.

cadiz12 said...

I've gotta say that it probably is about 2 miles or more, at least it seems like it. And I would be way more excited about the phone if I weren't so sad about your number. But I can't help but be ecstatic about the deal.

Madelyn said...

RIP 805.