Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The one where I let my true feelings of David Blaine be known, but it's not really about him

Rain isn't always fun.  Neither is snow.  Sometimes they are, but sometimes they aren't.  But you know what's never fun?  32.5 degrees Fahrenheit.  That's just above freezing.  What happens at this temperature?  Nothing good.  You get an icy rain coming down and melting on the ground.  It's like watching rain in slow motion.  But that's not even the worst part.  The worst part is when the night comes and the temperature drops fairly quickly.  What happens then is everything is encased in ice and not in a good way.  (FYI, the only good way something is encased in ice is when it's David Blaine and no one will let him out.)  What you end up with is treacherous fun:

*** You'll need to click on the picture to get the full effect***

You may have noticed that there are no cars on the street.  This is because of a massive 348 car pileup just off camera.  And I'm not smiling because of the accident.  I'm smiling because I was enjoying the first few feet my slide when my face froze that way.  That was 15 blocks ago.  I'm actually terrified beyond belief because I can't figure out how I'm going to stop.


Madelyn said...

What about the pedway? Right now it's only 6 degrees here.

I think I'll speed up the patenting process on the "Hot Pocket 2000"

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is great animation. Steal it from Pixar?

Will said...


now i have to put my pants to dry... dammit...

Jon said...

Madelyn: The pedway doesn't go everywhere. (dammit)

Anonymous: Pixar stole it from me. Didn't see that coming, did you?

Will: I'm going to make a lot of grand assumptions right now about the events that led up to your pants situation. I'm not going to share those assumptions with anyone, but good luck with your pants!

Anonymous said...

Ever considered a career in the figure skating business? Your stance shows promise.