Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I promised myself I wouldn't cry...

And now I've failed at too.

I'm sure you're wondering why all the head swelling.  Well, it's pretty simple.  I thought I was going to be able to watch the Laker game tonight, but it's been blacked out.  I'm taking it pretty hard.


Madelyn said...

crap, I knew I shouldn't have gotten you that hat for Christmas. Now it will never fit.

Ironically, it is a Laker's hat.

Also, none of what I just said is true.

Why was the game blacked out?

Anonymous said...

Well you missed the lakers almost blowing a lead in the last 2 minutes and Kobe rolling around in pain after going down hard.

Luckily the Lakers won anyway and Kobe was not hurt.

And all this for Okla City...

Jon said...

Madelyn: I'm not afraid to wear a tiny little hat on top of my giant head.

I don't know why the game was blacked out. It might have been on NBA TV or something. Stupid.

Anonymous: I heard Kobe had a bit of a scare, but then he ended up dropping 40 on them, so I guess that's what a hurt Kobe is like. Also, make no mistake about it, Oklahoma City will be a playoff team in a year or two. Durant is the real deal.