Sunday, December 20, 2009

Reminder post about how much I hate bare feet

I think at this point, you are all aware of my personal hatred of bare feet.  Yeah, it runs deep.  But what you may not be aware of is my love of new socks (New socks were provided by my lovely and talented Fiancée.).  If you're easily offended, then you best steer clear of me when I put on some new socks, because you will hear a deep, satisfying sigh of pure, unadulterated joy come out of me when I put on those new socks.  Let me be clear about one thing: I only wear crew socks.  Never, under any circumstances, will you see me wearing ankle socks*.  I have bald ankles (probably from all the sock wearing that I do) and I like to keep them safe and warm.  Here's a little something I drew up to commemorate today's post:

*In the event of a crew sock apocalypse (the "Great Crewsocalypse," as it will be called), I will use my secret stash of duct tape to fashion the ankle/calve portion of the socks and claim that they are a special pair of crew socks able to withstand any and all anti-crew sock weaponry.


Madelyn said...

I remember when I made the switch from crew socks to ankle socks. It was very difficult, probably as difficult as switching from briefs to boxers. Of course being a girl who shaves her legs I didn't have the bald ankle problem.

omar said...

Quick questions for Madelyn: briefs to boxers? Aren't your reproductive organs all internal?

I haven't worn crew socks since the mid 90's. Maybe even early 90's. Ever since that time, I've been working on developing my anti-crew sock weaponry. I'm not doubting your system, but I like my chances when Crewsocalypse is upon us.

Jon said...

Madelyn: I think switching from crew socks to ankle socks is like switching from eating coffee cake to repeatedly shooting yourself in the head.

Omar: It always happens like this. First you start off as friends, then something changes and you're arch nemesises... nemesies... not friends?

Madelyn said...

Omar - I just reread my comment. What I meant to say was that I imagine it is as difficult as switching from briefs to boxers.

I thought about trying to be funny and saying i wear boxers or something, but that just seemed kind of lame.