Wednesday, November 02, 2011

This one hasn't been spellchecked.

So yeah, the wife and I are blogging this whole month of November, or Noviembre as I like to call it. What you might not know is that I purge the contents of my soul onto these digital pages for about ten minutes then call it a night. Not so of my wife. She takes significantly more time than I do. For example, when I started this post, she had already been working on hers for the better part of an hour. I think she's doing research or something. I'm not sure. There's pictures involved, timelines to crosscheck, I think an overseas call was made at one point. She's thorough, she's meticulous, but best of all, she's my wife :)

She's still not done, but as you can see, I am. Will this finally be the year that I totally mail it in? I know, when haven't I mailed it in?

I'll bet you're thinking, "Aren't you doing this on an iPad? Don't you have some sort of drawing apps on there? How did we get this far into the month of November without a picture of some sort?"

You sure do have an inquisitive mind. I'll be answering these questions sometime later this month. For now, just know that the app I use to blog with crashes approximately 2 seconds after it opens. I can't attach pictures through the web interface because I live in the lockdown prison that is the Apple ecosystem. I like to think I asked for the bars to be installed though. I've been promised a fix for the crash bug in the blogpress app, so when the time is write, I will fill your eyes with horrors usually reserved for testing the criminally insane.


Madelyn said...

"When the time is write"? That couldn't have been a pun.

cadiz12 said...

hey, they had some information i needed in Abu Dhabi.

Syar said...

Get out of my brain, Jon! It didn't even click that you were typing this on an iPad that might have drawing apps, but I was definitely all like "Man, when is Jon gonna get to doodlin' some stuff?"

Jon said...

Madelyn: It was a gift, not a pun.

Cadiz: I'm unfamiliar with your Abu Dhabi contacts, but they must have all the best info...

Syar: Well, it's not the first time my words have disappointed someone and it probably won't be the last.