Friday, November 18, 2011

Experiment over

So today, I started off looking like this:

Then I looked like this:

Finally, I looked like this:

And if you think that I did this just because I dropped my comb on the bathroom floor right next to the toilet... well, you know me a little too well.

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Syar said...

My face mirrored yours in the second picture when I scrolled down to it and didn't realize - until a few seconds later - that there was another picture. PHEW.

Madelyn said...

Who's that looker in the background of the third picture?

Anonymous said...

oh wow.

Anonymous said...

ummmmmmm... you realize that combs are like 3 or 4 dollars at most, right?

Jon said...

Syar: I don't follow. I thought the second picture looked good.

Madelyn: Some girl that's always loitering around our apartment.

Anonymous: Awesome, right?

Anonymous 2: I think combs are actually cheaper than that, but the shave was free. In these tough economic times, you can't beat the price.

cadiz12 said...

Dear husband, have you noticed that you always partake in these dances with a razor on few days we're going to go out to a nice restaurant in the city? Last night we were at Frontera. The time you shaved off exactly half your beard VERTICALLY, The Bristol.

You're lucky that it doesn't embarrass me.

omar said...

Comparing the first picture to the others, I've gotta say that your cheeks look way less puffy with less hair.