Thursday, November 03, 2011

I have this thing

It's a sweater.  Sweatshirt to be more specific.  It is by far my favorite garment I've ever owned.  I bought it while I was in college and felt like treating myself.  It came with the new album from one of my favorite bands at the time.  (unnecessary side note: I do still listen to that band, but I'm not as into them as I once was.  It's cruel what time does to your favorite things.)  In the 12 years I've had the privilege of wearing this wonderful hoodie sweatshirt, it has started many conversations with it's "Price is Right" style font and confusing words.  "The Mr. T Experience."  That's the name of the band.  If you're totally into emo punk rock, you might enjoy their work.  I recommend their 1997 Album, "Revenge is sweet, and so are you."

This sweatshirt is faded brown in some parts from a few too many days crumpled up in the back seat of my car with the sun beating down on it.  The string that runs though the hood has been lost for several years now, but aside from that, it's still in pretty good condition.  I live in Chicago now, where a sweatshirt is hardly enough to keep you warm in the winter, so it's often buried under several other layers of more appropriate clothing.  I will be absolutely heart broken when I can't wear it any more.  Fortunately for me, I have no fashion sense and a willingness to wear even the most tattered and torn garments.

Sorry if this was a little more melancholy than usual, but I've been reading The Hunger Games and they can be a little depressing on many different levels.  I hope to finish by the weekend.  


cadiz12 said...

you forgot that weird whitish patch on the back that we tried so hard to get off after when you accidentally left a sticky nametag on in the wash, and dryer.

i think it gives it character. also, i've worn it on a couple of occasions and it's really comfortable.

Syar said...

You had me at "emo punk rock", which I still have a soft spot for.

On a particularly quiet night two years ago I cut out thumb holes in pretty much all my sweaters/sweatshirts/jumpers. I have never felt more shabby and at the same time so unbelievably snug. Thumb holes!

Jon said...

Cadiz: I didn't forget so much as I chose not to mention it since several washings later and it seems to be gone. But I do believe it gives it all character.

Syar: emo punk rock is an acquired taste. I never went the thumb hole route, but I remember the first time I saw a sweatshirt that had them already pre-stitched in the sleeves. It didn't seem right.

Syar said...

Not to play into gender constructions, but I think the thumb holes look better for girls than they do on guys? Sweatshirt science!