Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Thanks AT&T

For all that extra 3G coverage you added to Chicago recently. It's awesome.

Full bars!!!

-- Posted From My iPhone 3G.


omar said...

Seriously? 0 kbps download?

It's "more bars in more places," not "functional connectivity in more places." They've kept their word.

Jon said...

Omar: I can't argue with that. I sure do have a lot of bars in a lot of places. The thing is, I'm fine for voice and text, but data is pretty much a no go all day at work. If I didn't have a computer there, I think I'd cry a lot more. Really though, this has got to stop. I think it's more the building than anything else. I'm trying to have it torn down and replaced with a more cellular friendly model. Will you sign my petition?