Saturday, October 31, 2009

32nd Anniversary

For thousands of years I have struggled with the same question. How can I tell people that it's my birthday without actually using audible words or sock puppet miming?

The fact that I haven't answered this question in thousands of years is a little on the pathetic side, but maybe that's all in my head since I'm only 32 years old. That's what all the legal documents say anyway.

As of today, this is no longer an issue. My oldest sister, the one with the PhD, has given me the solution to end my misery. Enjoy!

I'll be sporting this fine new fashion accessory every Halloween. It is ok to be jealous.

-- Posted From My birthday iPhone. Birthday checks welcome!


Anonymous said...

Pretty Cool. Save it so you can wear it every year.

Happy Birthday

Syar said...

Wear it over your pink bowling jacket for an even bolder statement!

- Professor What Not To Wear over here.

Madelyn said...

Yeah, I sort of hate people who tell everyone that it's their birthday. It's the people who say nothing, and then someone else brings it up that I respect.

But I suppose wearing the sash is okay too.

Anonymous said...

It looks good on you! Glad you got it in time! Look for an even better present coming soon!

Anonymous said...

The problem with this is that people will just think you're dressing up as a guy whose birthday it is for halloween.

Nevertheless, nice sash.

cadiz12 said...

Hey, it's your birthday, you should wear whatever the heck you want. and i think that sash freaking ROCKS. :)

omar said...

I saw cadiz12's tweet about the birthday sash yesterday. And part of me thought she mistyped "bash." But no, it's really a sash. Huh.

Your check's in the mail.