Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Clarification post

There seems to be some serious confusion regarding my wearing all pink as a terrible idea. I was not merely suggesting that I wear a pink shirt. I said ALL pink. That means pink shoes, pink socks, pink pants, pink underwear, pink shirt, pink gloves, pink hat, pink cape, pink spats, pink glasses, pink face paint, pink tie and a pink pinky ring. All pink. What say you now?

Just a pink shirt is easy. I've done that before. One comment references an outfit I wore every Monday night for over a year. See below.

As you can plainly see, whether the shirt itself proclaims its own toughness or not is irrelevant. I wear it tough, and that's all that should matter. The name of our bowling team was "Bowling With Scissors." If that isn't the very definition of dangerously tough bowlers, I don't know what is.

I hope that helps clarify thing for you. Trust me, all pink is a terrible idea. Me dressed as pictured above is tough.

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Anonymous said...

A pink shirt says tough by the way you wear it.

But tough becomes impossible in all pink.

Trust me.

omar said...

Heh. My word verification is "shiddi."

I don't think this clarified very much for me at all. It raised way more questions than it answered.

Madelyn said...

Next time I meet any one threatens me, or hurts me in some way I'll say "you better watch it because THIS is my brother!" and I will show them this picture. Then they'll leave me alone for sure.

Anonymous said...

Every Monday night for a year? Wow.

Tough bowlers lovers said...

I am 100% clarified.

cadiz12 said...

I think the Tweety ball completes the look.