Thursday, February 12, 2009

Status Update:

It's time for my annual status update. There's a lot going on in this world today and I'm sure you're all wondering how it's affecting me. Please read on and cease wondering.

1. Manny Ramirez. Seriously, why has this guy not been signed by someone? Anyone? You got me.

Sure, he's got a DB for an agent and the market is tough right now, but so what? Other guys have been signing huge contracts without as much justification. (I'm looking at you Mark Teixeira...) I'm obviously biased in this whole thing, so keep that in mind. The Dodgers need to sign Manny and Manny needs to sign with the Dodgers. It's pretty simple. They both make the best fit. Manny seems happy in LA and LA is happy to have Manny. I think Ned has been pretty fair in his offers, so I'm not upset with the organization. I wouldn't want to lock into a long term, expensive contract with him either. I think the idea of guaranteed money is what's really screwing this up. I don't know much about the inner workings of baseball contracts and what not, but that's not going to stop me from thinking I have a fairly reasonable proposal. Manny gets a four year deal that looks something like this:

Year 1: 30 Million guaranteed.
Year 2: 15 Million guaranteed, 10 Million in incentives (don't ask me to break down the incentives because I really have no idea what I'm talking about.)
Year 3: 7.5 Million guaranteed, 17.5 Million in incentives.
Year 4: 7.5 Million guaranteed, 17.5 Million in incentives.

That means that he could potentially be worth 105 Million over the next 4 years if he produces. I'm sure the Dodgers would be happy to pay him that much if he produces, but let's be honest, the guy is 36 (almost 37) years old, these are not supposed to be the years that he gets better. Is he going to be worth a guaranteed 25 million at age 41? I'm guessing no.

2. Michael Phelps. I could not be more sick of hearing this guy apologize. Holy crap, a 23 year old smoked pot at a college party? What is this world coming to? Look, I get it, he's Michael Phelps, phenomenally good swimmer, arguably the worst SNL host ever. I'm just sick of everyone getting up on their soapbox and condemning him like they've never made a mistake in their lives. From what I've heard, you'd think that he was drowning kittens in the blood of unborn babies... I refuse to believe that with all the things going on in this world today, that this could even crack the top 100 for things we should care about.

3. Bud Selig. Get him out and get him out now. I don't think he's good for baseball and his recent comments regarding Alex Rodriguez are almost too much. He's "saddened" by A-Rod's steroid use? Are you kidding me? Anyone that believes he knew nothing about the steroid use in baseball is fooling themselves. I think the Selig era needs to end.

4. My Terrible Fantasy book. Yeah, it's not doing so well. Turns out writing books is hard! I thought just writing a terrible one would be easy, but even that takes work. Even when you ignore stuff like plot, character development, coherence and proper grammar, it's still difficult to write a full chapter, let alone an entire novel. I'm not quiting on this one yet, but I'll be brooding in a corner for awhile...

That about covers it for now. You probably didn't think it would be so sports heavy, but what can I say, pitchers and catchers are reporting... it's time for Dodger baseball!! Of course, Laker basketball is still keeping me quite happy as of late.


cadiz12 said...

#2: i agree with you on michael phelps. while i don't condone bad behavior by people that kids look up to, i think we shouldn't be throwing this guy under the bus. during the ages when the rest of us screwed up he was probably at the pool 12 hours a day shaving seconds off his times and hair off his body. seriously, people, he was reprimanded and he apologized. let it go.

#4: i agree, writing is really effing hard. all the best to you, my friend.

#1 & #3: to me that kind of sports talk sounds like the teachers from Charlie Brown movies. sorry. hope you get your deal, though.

omar said...

1) Manny should cut his hair. In fact, I'd chip in some money for his contract offer if he'd cut his hair.

2) Phelps. I'm gonna have to disagree with you on this one. You get held to a different standard when you sign endorsement contracts, in my opinion. Furthermore, in his sport, he represents the USA. So again, if you're representing your country (or more accurately, MY country) on an international stage, you also get held to a higher standard. I think he deserved stiffer punishment than he received. His prior DUI conviction (a far worse offense, in my opinion), I was willing to let that go. He was young and stupid, and I figured he'd learned his lesson about what choices he makes outside of his home. This time, he's got no excuse.

Wait, what is this box I'm standing on, and why does it say "SOAP" on the side?

3) Selig - Word.

4) I've got no advice on the book writing front. Good luck on the writing and brooding.

Anonymous said...

Every day we get closer to spring training weakens Manny's negotiating position. Maybe baseball is trying to send Scott Boras a message...

Phelps is obviously stupid, so why give him a pass? You wanna smoke pot - fine, but not where someone can take your picture. His life is ruined because in 20 years he is gonna realize that he had millions in the bag but gave it away. And it was at the highest point in his life.

Anonymous said...

Legalize it!

Jon said...

Cadiz: See, I've always understood exactly what the Charlie Brown teachers were saying, so I'm not sure what you're talking about.

Omar: I agree that they get held to a higher standard and that his DUI was a worse offense. I guess the biggest difference is most likely our stances on Marijuana. I do not partake myself, but I don't consider it a gateway drug. I put it right next to drinking alcohol to be honest with you, which is something else I don't do. Had he been driving under the influence again, then I would be very upset. He really should know better than to be caught on film doing something like that though. Also, my opinion of him as a person has never been that high. I'm impressed by what he does in the water, but after that, he's pretty disappointing to me, so I guess I had low expectations of him anyway.

Anonymous 1: I don't think Scott Boras knows what a weak negotiating position is.

Anonymous 2: That would be fine by me. I'm actually a proponent of legalizing everything. The only time you should be punished is when your actions hurt someone else. If you want to destroy your life, I believe you should have that right. I'll think you're an idiot, but I think you should be allowed to make that decision for yourself. I see no reason not to treat all drugs like we treat tobacco and alcohol. Put the same warnings on them and let people make their own choices.