Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Can you handle the truth?

There is an issue of truth that needs to be addressed. Here at the Shuck N Jive, we are all about truth. To date, I have not been entirely honest about my lack of posting. That ends today. Today, the real reason I’m not around so much is revealed.

Some time ago, I met an amazing woman. She does the impossible, she makes me smile on a regular basis. She makes me feel good about myself, and that’s no easy task. The reason I’m not as active as I used to be on the blog is because, frankly, I’d rather spend all of my free time with her. Sorry, no offense, she’s just that captivating.

Some of you have eluded to such a possibility in the past, and until recently, I didn’t mention it because it seemed to personal to just put out there, but yes, I indeed have a girlfriend. I decided enough was enough. I’m happy, and I think people should know why. It’s truly a great thing to be accepted for who and what you are. Nothing more, nothing less.
I realize this is a bit of a departure from my regular posts… it’s pretty short too, but I felt like I needed to acknowledge the most important person in my life right now. I guess it’s kind of cheesy to post something like this on the blog, but what can I say? I’m kind of cheesy… in a lactose intolerant sort of way.


omar said...

FYI, you owe me $712 for the use of "nothing more, nothing less" on a blog.

But since you seem happy, I'll knock that down to $692. Use the remainder on flowers and candy or something for the gal.

jazz said...

since my guy has been an ass i'll just suggest to you that you, if you really like her, go above and beyond for her always.

relationships take effort! continue to put it in!

Syar said...

awww. that's great. I'm glad some of us in BlogLand are finding that elusive happiness from relationships and significant others thing.

didn't cadiz guess it was a girl a few posts back?

Radioactive Jam said...

Excuse me? I mean I'm happy for both of you and completely understand, but is there anything preventing you from blogging instead of wasting time on other nonessential activities such as working and/or sleeping? I thought not.

That kind of selfish behavior can cause problems, you know.

...does your girlfriend read this blog? "Hello from Florida!" *smiles, waves*

cadiz12 said...

HELL YEAH I DID! do i get a prize?

dude, syar, you've got a memory like a steel trap.

Jon said...

Omar: Your generosity knows know bounds… I had always wondered why when I saw someone do something of great generosity, others around would comment and say things like, “did you see that? That guy just pulled an OP.net” or, “Last Christmas, My dad turned into a straight up Omar Phillips!” I’ll just call this an epiphantic moment.

Jazz: Very sorry to hear about your situation, but that is some solid advice… advice I wish I had several weeks ago… but good advice none the less.

Syar: thanks, but it’s hard work, anyone who says different is kidding themselves.

Serioulsy? How do you remember all this stuff? Your right, she did indeed guess it a couple of posts ago, which is what? 4 months ago?

I should let you know right here and now that you are in serious contention for a PhD in Shuck N Jive.

RJ: I know I know… I don’t know why I work and sleep. Those are a couple of bad habits I picked up in college. Some things are just hard to shake.

Yes, I believe she does read the blog. Quite regularly in fact, and Statcounter has assured me of this. It has also assured me that my mother spends a healthy amount of time here too. Hi mom :)

Cadiz: So when I first read the “HELL YEAH” I read it like Lake says it (constantly) on the Amazing Race. Don’t ask me why. Yes, you get a prize. You have my undying respect and admiration. Enjoy :)

Syar’s memory is insanely good. Hence she has proven she is worthy of a potential Shuck N Jive PhD.

Syar said...

*blushes* aww shucks, twasn't nothing.

I don't know. I remember things. a lot of irrelevant things that sometimes turn out to be relevant things. its a weird gift. and if its going to get me a Shuck n Jive PhD then its going to be THE BEST GIFT I EVER HAD.

also...*waves* hi jon's girlfriend and jon's mom!

Tayster said...

Congrats, man. It's hard to find someone that you can actually spend quality time with.

Just ask my wife. She's been begging me to post more stuff on my blog since I started it. :)