Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Do I really just do that?

Yes, yes I did. I jailbroke my iPhone for approximately 5 minutes. Why 5 minutes? Many reasons, but the most important two are: 1) because I wanted the actual numbers associated with my cellular signal instead of interpretive bars and 2) because after a recent upgrade in our Internet connection, 5 minutes is how long it took to download the 589MB update that is iOS 4.1.

Jealousy is encouraged. Unless of course you're still on 4.0.1. Then you can just go to yourself, jailbreak, install sbsettings through cydia, turn on numerical GSM values and then upgrade to 4.1 just like I did. Then we can sit together smugly and act like everyone else is beneath us.

-- Post From My iPhone 4. And yes, it was jailbroken for 5 minutes.

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