Tuesday, November 01, 2005

October 31, 1977

Four Forty P.M.

The moment my life started,

Not when it began.


omar said...

Wait, it was your birthday?! And here I was giving you a hard time about not posting. Happy belated b-day!

Radioactive Jam said...

Happy birthday, Jon. And I was thinking about you yesterday, too. Missing your presence, hoping things are good with and for you. Take care; hope the year ahead is the best ever.

Syar said...

owh. a birthday post. that one flew right over my head.

Happy birthday Jon!! Hope you had a great one.


can I get my candy now?

jazz said...

happy birthday!!!! yaya!!!

Jon said...

Thanks for the Birthday wishes guys :) The most common question I received on my birthday was, “So, are you doing anything special tonight?” My response: “Well, I convinced everyone on the planet to dress up in costumes, decorate their houses, and hand out massive amounts of candy to kids. I think that’s pretty special ;)”

Aren’t I a clever lad?

Radioactive Jam said...

That was all *your* fault? I should have known.

Wait a minute... last year too?!

Jon said...

Every year since 1977.

Jon said...

But I take no responsibility for the people that hand out pennies on Halloween instead of candy. Those people will have to answer to whatever god they believe in and pray for mercy.

Glo said...

Happy Birthday!

Edna B said...

Happy Birthday (now belated)

cadiz12 said...

so much for my big bombardment plans -- this one flew totally under my radar. happy birthday to you, jon. now all the orange makes more sense.

hey, so if your life started but didn't begin, when did it begin? or has it yet? what, all the celebratory sugar isn't enough to jumpstart it?

cadiz12 said...

yeah, upon further reflection, now i get it.

just goes to show that one shouldn't read blogs during peak work time.

Lou (a.k.a. rainpuddles) said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

omar said...

Your birthday week grace period is over. Now I'm back to giving you a hard time about not posting anything new.

Guyana-Gyal said...











Did you get a lot of candy? Cake? I want cake. Chocolate.

Very, very happy belated birthday wishes.