Thursday, November 03, 2016

Here's those questions I promised you

The first question you have to ask yourself is, "Who IS Harvey the robot."

I mean who is he really? Does he have a family? Was he manufactured in the United States or China? Or Earth?!?

What makes him tick? Why does he tick? Can he not tick? The ticking is kind of annoying. It's like someone smacking their gum too much but you can't say anything about it because apparently the ticking is just something he does.

What exactly is Harvey's relationship with Melvin the cat? Seems to be mutually beneficial, but cats always get the better end of things and you would think a robot would be logical and emotionally detached enough to know better than getting involved with a cat, even one as cuddly looking as Melvin. Maybe it has something to do with Harvey's encounter with the lions at the zoo? Maybe Harvey just likes the idea of a lion, but prefers the robot to cat size ratio Melvin affords him?

There's a lot to know about ol' Harv. But that should be glaringly obvious by now.

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