Friday, May 03, 2013

New Strategy

We've been hard at work here in the Shuck N Jive R&D department. We've been carefully studying our readers and we've made a few shocking discoveries. First of all, we still have readers? Who reads these days? That just seems odd. Secondly, our readers hate us. They hate us for not posting. They hate us for posting. They hate us because we advocate wearing shoes and socks all the time and they hate us because it's totally the cool thing to do right now. Thirdly, and most shockingly, we discovered the hate is totally warranted and when we tried hating ourselves, we felt pretty hip and cool. It's not easy to give that up. So that's ok, we hate us too, so you can keep doing it and not feel bad.

All these discoveries have led to some interesting innovations from our crappy problem solving department. The theory is that things have gotten stale. The characters are all old and no one is interested any more. In order to liven things up a bit, my team has suggested that we bring in some new blood. To that end, my wife and I are currently in production of creating a whole new human being! To the lay people, that's the super smart way of saying we're having a baby! Of course, if you read her blog, you probably knew that already.

So yeah, that's happening. For the sake of the blog, we will produce, raise and educate a small human and eventually release them into the wild. This is kind of a long term project, so stay tuned.


cadiz12 said...

You know, for the blog.

Kellin Smith said...

Hey! :)

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