Monday, October 31, 2011

Walter Payton age

I've finished my 34th trip around the sun. A few interesting things happened this past year. Not much to talk about really. I've got to work tomorrow so I'll keep this short. Check out this years haul of sweet bounty from my loving family:

Oh yeah, they also got me this:

Now of course, it's time for another November of "will-he/won't-he" posting. Good luck to all, readers and writers alike!


Syar said...

Are those ghost peeps? And...Velveeta? (which I have never encountered but I hears is very cheese-like and therefore intrigues me greatly) Nice haul!

cadiz12 said...

velveeta is totally not like how it was when we were kids. i wonder, are we the ones who change?

Jon said...

Syar: I believe the goal was to distract me from the ultimate prize of the iPad. And unfortunately, the "Velveeta" that comes in the package had burst open. Sadness swept across the land.

Cadiz: I really think they did. Why must they mess with our youth?!?! Probably for profit.