Friday, June 11, 2010

Boston bye bye.

I know it won the poll, but unless someone wants to give me two tickets to Boston/ New York as well as two tickets to the Dodgers/Red Sox game next weekend, it's not happening. Although given what has happened in the city of Boston recently, I'm not sure I could visit right now without trying to defile one of its prized landmarks. Maybe it's for the best. Of course, the biggest tragedy in all of this is that more important than seeing the Dodgers play the Red Sox, we were going to visit our friendsEric and Sara in NY and finally get to meet their new baby Jack. Fortunately, Eric has been posting picture like a man that just had his first child, so we get treated every day to new shots of that little ball of cuteness. Very sad we'll have to postpone our first real life encounter. (insert super sad emoticon here)

In related news, I currently have a kidney up for sale. Daddy wants a new iPhone 4 and I've determined that certain organs are available to be sacrificed for this cause. Also up for sale in this cause is a fairly new iPhone 3G. I had it replaced by Apple back in march or April. It has been well cared for and will be missed dearly. Let me know if you know anyone that's interested.

In conclusion, I will be attending the blackhawks parade today. Maybe I'll even post a picture or two. Also, I really hate the Boston Celtics, the New England Patriots and possibly the Red Sox, depending on how the Dodgers do next weekend.

-- Posted From My iPhone 3G for now, but hopefully my iPhone 4 in about two weeks.

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